Learn how to photograph glass bottle beverage, behind the scene is a short recap from one of our recent Pro Club Workshops
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In this advanced beverage photography workshop you will learn how to mimic frozen bottle in ice in the studio, what kind of chemicals to use for the best result, how to create a crushed ice effect for perfect composition and how to photograph it.

Your instructors, Alex Koloskov (in-studio shooting) and Artem Pisarevskiy (in-Photoshop retouching) will explain how to overcome challenges when working on beverage photography assignments: how to set up the scene for a composition, what light and how to use for a dramatic effects in a small studio, what final steps need to be made for the best in-camera results.
Our post-production guru, Artem Pisarevskiy will also show you the best practices of enhancing advertising images like this beverage photography example.

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We used 4x Broncolor lights, Encapso rubber, and Sony a7RIII camera to produce this advertising image of a bottle of vodka.
Full list of recommended gear we use in studio: https://www.photigy.com/school/recommended-gear-for-studio-photographer/

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